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officers found a 16 or 17-year-old victim with at least one gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. so far no arrests have been made but investigators say it may have been gang-related. a san jose policeman hunt. officers are looking for a
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homicide suspect and they have produce add sketch they hope a viewer will recognize. >> reporter: steven mostly misses his friend he met seven years ago. police say 22-year-old rory was killed by two men who carjacked him at this convenience store. ironically, his friend said he bought the car that day. >> it's just really sad to see somebody like that go. >> reporter: the men just commented four armed robberies in a 90-minute crime spree including this gas station and needed a get away car. one suspect, 26-year-old jonathan will banks was caught after a police chase and stand off. they shot video of the arrest that night. the other unidentified suspect is on the run. >> i really hope they find that guy and put him away forever. it's not fair at all. >> reporter: today assistant police chief released a sketch of the run away suspect who jumped out of the car during the police chase. he's described as a 20 to
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25-year-old male around 6 feet tall and 200 pounds. the police officer's association and mayor's office put together a 20,000-dollar reward. >> we know there are persons out there who may know the identity or whereabouts of the second suspect or have information on associates of the suspect. >> reporter: he will go to court wednesday and faces numerous charges including murder and two counts of attempted murder. pg and e is offering a 10,000-dollar reward for information about two men that recently kidnapped a woman in wall neat creek. the 57-year-old woman is a pg and e contract employee. she was leaving work on november 7th when she was grabbed. this is a picture of one of the suspects. another suspect, also a while male went by the name of david. a san francisco sheriff's deputy is out on bail tonight
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while facing federal bank robbery charges. ktvu broke this story saturday. he was arrested on felony burglary and robbery charges and made bail and was released that same night. the u.s. attorney's office and san francisco da are working out who will try the case. stern is not his attorney but says the deputy faces a rough road. >> courts have been known to deafuate and come down more hashly on law enforcement officers based on an expectation that's higher than the general public. deputy's first court appearance is set for next monday. to oakland where defense attorneys for the accused gunmen at a mass shooting say the suspect is not fit for trial. a psychologist claims he's a paranoid schizophrenic and cannot understand court proceedings. the victim's families say he shouldn't get away with it. >> he shouldn't be a coward.
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let him own up to what he did. >> reporter: the defense needs a second psychoyacht tick opinion and there is a delay in the case because he asked for an interpreter. a follow-up on the arrest of a southern california man at a security check point. officials say he was wearing a watch that looks like a trigger for an explosive device. the 49-year-old went to court and learned the county district attorney has declined to file charges. take a look at this. it's a photo of the watch in question. the attorney says his client is an artist and he made this watch. the attorney said he wore it before without any trouble. investigators say that a faulty stove pipe is to blame for a fire at a russian river resort that sent six people to the hospital. the fire broke out about 3:45 this morning on river road. firefighters say it started in one of the guest rooms and then spread. they say it took about 45 minutes to put the flames out. five people at the resort were
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treated for smoke inhalation and another verdict had burns on his shoulder. >> twist in the hostess bankruptcy saga raised the possibility we may not have to see the end after all. they agreed to enter mediation to save the company and more than 18,000 jobs. this comes after hostess asked a judge for permission to liquidate. at the hostess plant the workers are still on the picket line and are skeptical. >> we won't get hopes up. we're standing here on the line and we'll see what happens. >> reporter: mediation is set to begin tomorrow. if a deal isn't reached, hostess will move forward with the liquidation wednesday. wall street had the best day since the election. the dow sored. the nasdaq shot 62 points higher. analysts say investors grew hopeful they will reach a deal. changes are ahead for the
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intel. the chip maker announced paul plans to retire in may. he has been with the company for nearly four decades and ceo since 2005 and received the bachelors-degree from the university of san francisco and a masters from cal. they say retirement was his decision and he'll be involved in the search for a successor. in two hours union workers are scheduled to kickoff a labor action that may end up shutting down the court tomorrow morning. 200 members of the maintenance and janitor l workers are employed at the port. at 9:30 tonight they are scheduled to walk off the job. their action is not expected to dis-result air travel however workers plan to picket the port tomorrow and it's likely other unions will not cross that picket line. the workers have been without a contract now for 17 months. thousands of bay area nurses are planning to walk off the job tomorrow in an ongoing contract dispute. tomorrow strike includes nurses at eight hospitals and two san
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jose hospitals affiliated with the hospital corporation of america. unions say the nurses are upset about patient care conditions, wages and benefits. the mayor announced a labor deal between the worriers and union. it's part of an effort to bring the team. the mayor says the worriers, the president of unite here local two signed the agreement. it stipulates they will hire a union employees for construction of a new waterfront arena. if approved, it will create 5600 construction job and 1700 purple innocent jobs. >> not only are we creating jobs but we have agreement that these are going to be good paying jobs because they will be union jobs. the san francisco board of supervisors is scheduled to vote on a resolution tomorrow which would authorize the city to initiate an envier mental review. a debate in san francisco
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today over how they should spend a surplus. today supervisor scott said the $6.7 million should fund improvements like new trains and more. the supervisor says the rate is 57% but advocates argue surplus would be used to provide free passes for low income use. the board is set to make a decision december fourth. the u.s. government says he'll be deported, family and immigration rights groups say he should be allowed to stay. a vidual is wrapping up. live in the city to explain why the man supporters say the obama administration is going back on a promise. >> reporter: the group left about 15 minutes ago. they came about three dozen people to support this person. jesus who they say should not be deported. i asked them what makes his case different from other immigration cases. >> we are the dreamers.
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>> reporter: this small group wants to send a big message to immigration officers and president. >> undocumented. >> he's not a criminal. he's a good person and needs to be out here with us, with his family. >> reporter: her 26-year-old cousin has been in detention for two months. he was arrested at home by immigration agents for crossing the border from mexico twice without documentation. his parents first brought him illegally when he was four years old. >> jesus has no criminal past or record. >> reporter: his attorney says he worked and paid taxes but in 2008 immigration officials deported him and his father. what makes this case unique is he cross the the arizona border back to the u.s. without documents two months later and although president obama said he hopes for a path way to legal status for those not engaged in
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criminal activity, only young people in the u.s. continuously since 2007 can qualify. >> i think this case is a real test whether he will follow through. >> reporter: i contacted ice and they responded mr. ruiz was arrested as a previously deported alien and would return to the u.s. illegally in 2008 and remains in ice custody at that time while his case undergoes further review. mike honda wrote a letter and senator diane told the family she will also write a letter on his behalf. there were in concerns tonight about the restoration of chevron's richmond refinery following a mass explosion. chevron today updated the public on its progress but now investigating agencies worry the metal in the new corrosion resistant replacement pipes may not prevent a repeat of the explosion in august. >> hopefully after today they will not be replacing any more
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pipe until the issue gets resolved with the chemical safety board with what type of metal should be used. >> reporter: it won't replaced the damaged pipes until the safety concerns are addressed. the california air resources board today released details of the state's first ever cap and trade auction. >> one of the good things that came out of it was we were able to look who bid and determined it was a competitive market, everybody who wanted something got something. >> all of the bay area's oil refineries bought permits allowing them to purchase credits should they exceed pollution limits. they will pay over $10 for each met trick ton. 23 million permits were sold, one for each ton of amissions. it raised $300 million for the state. if she is alive, if she is out there, then she needs me. >> a mother serving 24 years
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for her missing daughter, what authorities say about a new letter sent from death row. and new violence in gaza where the same building is targeting two separate times. the man israel says was inside. clouds rolling in ahead of the next storm making it's way our way. i'll tell you when you can expect it to arrive and whether it will impact the holiday coming up. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment
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dozens of people took the street to protest the violence in gaza. demonstrators on both sides of the conflict gather in front of the israeli consulate. more than 100 palestinian deaths are blamed on the bombing campaign that launched six days ago as lee lend reports from
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the border, tensions continue to escalate despite the best efforts to reach a seize fire. >> reporter: it's the second strike in two days and stepping up targeted attacks killing a senior militant inside this media center at the time. despite truce talks, the bloodshed continues on both sides. hamas fighters, too, firing hundreds of rockets, even hitting two empty schools. the group's leader today told reporters hamas will only stop retaliating if israel halteds all attacks on gaza and opens the borders. >> i say we're not against a truce because we did not start the war but specific demands that i mentioned earlier should be met. >> reporter: the violence intense fied when israel decided to retaliate with air strikes to rocket fire from the gaza strip. the iron dome system is working at more than an 80% success rate intercepting 20 rockets today.
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a delegation crossed into the strip monday as egypt's president attempts to mediate the biggest test yet. part of the u.s. expressed support of the actions maintaining israel has the right to defend itself, however, the state department hopes international efforts will finally get a seize fire in place. >> this is an intention period of international community, regional countries trying to work together to deescalate the tensions. >> reporter: while leaders both in gaza and here in israel say they would prefer a diplomatic solution to end the air war currently going on. israel has thousands of troops ready to launch a ground invasion. along the israel gaza border. president obama is on the final leg of his historic trip to asia. he traveled to cambodia for the southeast asian nations meeting. he had a private meeting with
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the prime minister where he ex pressed concern about human rights in the country. in a letter, it was described as tense. president obama is the first u.s. president to set foot in cambodia. already in line for black friday deals? our crews found these few dedicated shoppers and tents camped out in front of best buy. the store's day after thanksgiving sale starts at 12:01 a.m. this friday. black friday is the biggest shopping day of the year in the u.s. wal-mart is taking it's dispute with workers to federal court. they filed a complaint against the united food and international workers union saying it illegally called for protest. the protest steam from disputes with wages and more. a 1000-dollar reward to help find whoever stole an
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chant rock carvings. they say someone gouged out five different ones at the site. they had their life going back 3500 years. they nigh americans use that site for religious gatherings. the man that could hold answers for the disappearance of a 9-year-old is speaking out from behind bars. he wrote a letter to our rita williams and in it talked about micaela who was abducted from hayward 24 years ago today. >> if she is alive, if she is out there, then she needs me. >> reporter: a mother's love just as strong today as it was the last time sharon saw her 9-year-old daughter micaela garrett. >> it's been 24 years since micaela was taken from this very spot. >> reporter: this anniversary vidual was bittersweet as officers await dna analysis of
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a child's 3-inch bone found in a well with the remains of other suspected victims of speed freak killer herzog. >> i can't believe this is it and yet, i know it might be. >> reporter: today i showed the lead investigator a letter i just got from the other half of the speed freak killer duo westerly. >> he produced results and therefore can't be ignored. >> reporter: herzog dead spares a strong re-semblance to the sketch of micaela's kidnapper. there was a smudge believed to be to the man that took her. >> it is or isn't. >> that's true. but i'm not going to talk about it. >> reporter: sherman says he told police to look in wells in the hayward valley area, quote you can bet 100% wells in that area hold victims. >> you're not actively searching any well sites in the
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haywood area? >> no. >> reporter: he might depending on what they learn, whether the bone being tested is micaela's. >> in whenever way we can, we want to bring her home. >> reporter: a mother's wait and heart break continues. a relatively new treatment for depression using magnets appears to be working. it's tms and uses a machine that focuses magnetic pulses into one area of the brain's frontal cortex. the treatment has few side effects and provides significant improvement for about 80% of patients. from oakland to the white house, first lady michelle obama was giving out honors and hugs to students today. you probably heard them but you've never seen them. another storm is heading our way, meteorologist will tell us when the rain will arrive. and if you're on the go or just away from the tv, you can watch
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helping people get out of town. the agency will operate longer trains on wednesday for
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passengers trying to get to san francisco and international airports. longer trains will be available on sunday that's when many travelers will r expect today return home. changes we will definitely be seeing and feel this time tomorrow. >> you got it. a fairly nice day and seeing changes out there and clouds thickening up. a few sprinkles reported over the north edge corner today right around santa rosa and to the north and bringing rain by tomorrow morning over parts of the north bay. first we'll start out with a few sprinkles and by the afternoon a steady light rain. 58 in san toe ray rosa and 59 and low 60s around the bay and temperatures rupp a few degrees over yesterday at this how you can see mostly gray skies skies and little moisture being picked up and just to the north of it. if i back it up a bit, here comes the next system. you can see northern california already seeing some light rain all the way down. and the proximity to the north
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bay, this is where we'll see it. it will take it's time to get across the golden gate. let me show you. i'll start up tomorrow morning. we start with mostly gray skies, a few scattered showers over parts of the north bay already. but by late afternoon this is when we do expect the steady rain to begin to fall again over the north bay, 3:00 in the afternoon, most of us still dry, central bay as well as south bay takes until 11:00 in the evening before we finally begin to see the scattered showers move through. by wednesday morning we begin drying out and you can see by wednesday afternoon, the bay area is dry as well as the sierra. this will move through and leave us dry in time for the big travel day and thanksgiving is looking good. as we get started tomorrow morning in audition to the few sprinkles, mostly gray for most of us and 51 oakland and 52 in san francisco and wide spread upper 40s, low 50s around the region and afternoon highs tomorrow, 60s in the forecast once again and 64 san toe ray
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sew and 64 san francisco and upper 60s for oakland and upper 60s for the east bay and 66 san jose. there is the extended forecast. rain developing tomorrow but it will look like it will hold off for most of us into late evening and then as we get into wednesday we'll be drying out, thursday looking good for turkey day and then into the weekend, a dry mild holiday weekend. >> rosemary, thank you. oakland's you'd radio received high honors from the white house. that's first lady michelle obama presenting the representatives with a national arts and humanities youth program reward. it was chose en from a pool of organizations. it chooses students to help them create cultural programs from national public radio and more. thank you for trusting us. we'll see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues with the
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10:00 news and tonight with the chb says just surpassed alcohol as the number one reason drivers are arrested for dui. we're always here for you. tmz is up next on tv 36. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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